Posted by: screan | December 31, 2012

Get Ready, Set…go?

It’s New Year’s Eve and I am contemplating beginning yet another year with the same resolution that I have had many times before. The elusive search for weight loss – the permanent kind. I took stock of my former attempts – counting 14 books I have amassed on the subject of losing weight, and now that I think of it – there is one on the way, and a few more tucked away in my Kindle app. I think the only think I have lost most years is money. Clearly the diet industry is lucrative.
I was successful once. about 12 years ago on Weight Watchers – 38 pounds over about 6 months. Unfortunately it returned – not overnight, but slowly, creeping up on me over the years, my inconsistent attempts providing me reprieves of 5 – 10 (once even 14) pounds, before the inevitable occurred. I have tried Weight Watchers since, for those who have the obvious question – why not go back to what worked. It’s a possibility. I never was able to replicate my earlier success, although I think that was because the diet is just one part of it. As my cousin Tony so aptly reminded me, “You can’t buy willpower, cuz.” That’s true, and when I did take off the weight in 2000, I was truly motivated. I combined that motivation with the my love of praise (Weight Watchers loves to congratulate you publicly), and a job that didn’t require a lot of work after hours which gave me time to obsess about…you guessed it….food! Unfortunately for people like me who constantly think about food (generally what am I going to eat next), losing weight requires you to spend more time thinking about the very thing that caused the problem in the first place.
I am trying to steel myself and be motivated. I certainly have many solid reasons why I need to lose weight. Really practical ones, like I can’t fit into anything in my closet that requires a zipper or hook/eye.
So, I have dragged out the Weight Watchers books. I have added to that my knowledge of nutrition and diabetes (not there yet, but headed in that direction), and I am almost ready to go. A few ground rules I need to establish for myself:
1. I need to journal my food intake (Hate this but it is the one constant all these “experts” agree on.
2. I need to work exercise in. Goal – 2 days per week Crossfit, 2 days Sportsplex to start.
3. I am only going to weigh myself on Fridays to try not to make myself crazy.
4. I am going to give myself a “cheat” meal once a week.

1. I am going to start with 16 pounds – approximately 10% of my weight. That sadly will only get me to what I weighed in May of 2012!
2. Long term – 138 pounds. That is within my weight range (Okay the high end), but I have not seen the 130’s on the scale in many years.


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